On The Rocks

Against the backdrop of South Africa’s magnificent beaches, Terran Williams, a passionate pastor, a surfer, and gospel-communicator who uses his love for surfing to deliver 6 messages. Episode titles include “The Search”, “Impact Zone”, “Pure Stoke”, “The Last Session” and “Surfs Up Part 1 & 2”.

In these 8-10 minute episodes, we follow Terran around the coast, exploring issues of faith, meaning, death, crisis and fulfillment. In each episode, we’re struck with the potency and simplicity of Jesus’ words and what it means to be founded on the rock.

Nothing has the power to change people’s lives like the gospel. We simply used surfing as the analogy for the Good News and packaged it in a way that holds the viewers attention. So when the gospel and media come together, lives can be radically changed.

“It is great to see a surf video series with such high production values and story-telling. I believe that God will use the “On The Rocks” video series to impact the lives of many surfers worldwide!”
Founder and Director of Walking on Water, Christian film producer and professional surfer, Brian Jennings

“I am stoked to finally see a resource that combines great surfing content along with great biblical content and I did not need to cringe from either perspective”
International Director of Christian Surfers, Brett Davis